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Aniruddha's Bank for the (Latest statistics) : CD's recorded and distributed among the .

Statistics of Educational CDs

Friday, 19 August 2016

Monday, 16 June 2014

Organization and Work Structure

The team is made of a core active committee and a pool of volunteers (Sevabhavi Karyakartas) who hail from various regions of India. Well-versed in the Indian languages, these volunteers record the required material which is then edited meticulously to maintain the quality matter & the  sound and organized in such a way that the visually challenged may easily locate the desired page if need be. The recording assignments accepted on receiving written requests are executed after due clearance from publishers. The CDs are then packed and dispatched to beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries :

CDs are provided to

1.Students of schools

2. Colleges

3. Universities (up to post graduation)

4. Vocational courses as Motor Reminding, Massages,

    Physio Therapy

5. Banking

6. Public service examination etc.

7. Railways

8. Law

As of 30.9.2014 To date, 13,696 CDs & 30, 721 cassettes have reached 571 beneficiaries (156 individuals & 415 institutions)